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Must-Have Negotiation Strategies For Freelancers

Working for yourself gives you lots of great perks, but a guaranteed, regular paycheck generally isn’t one of them. Katie Perry is an independent marketing strategist and editor at AND CO, an app that helps self-employed professionals manage invoicing, contracts and payments. We recently discussed some of her best negotiation strategies for freelancers.

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4 Freelancers Share Their Advice on Taking the Right Risks

There is no ignoring the rising momentum of the freelance movement. No matter what industry you’re in or what skill set you possess—be it design, engineering, writing, or something else—you might have felt the itch to ditch the single-employer life for more entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Butterfly Nabs $2.4M Seed Round to Improve Managers 

Nobody likes corporate trainings. Nobody. In fact, one of life’s puzzles that eludes me most is how a person could enjoy corporate trainings enough to spend their time designing and running them. Perhaps only with disdain for the status quo can a startup create something that people not only don’t hate, but find helpful.

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For Creative Freelancers: 40 Tips to Help You Grow

Freelance software company AND CO has teamed up with about.me, a company that specializes in digital profiles, to create Hacking Independence. This 90-page free e-book comprises tips to help creative freelancers in their independent career journey.

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3 Easy Ways to Muck Up Your Freelance Contracts

One of the first things you’ll learn upon launching your freelance career or starting a business is that handling paperwork is roughly 10 times more tedious than you might have imagined. 

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How Chatbots are Exactly Like the Mouse Circa 1970

The first computer mouse was invented in the 1960s and patented in 1970. By the time personal computers became affordable and useful enough to enter the mainstream in the 1980s, an entire generation of adults relied on the mouse to interact with graphical interfaces in intuitive ways: point, scroll, and click. 

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One of the most stressful things about being self-employed is managing your cash flow. This is especially difficult when clients don’t pay you on time. Thankfully, there are numerous tools and apps that automate the process, including AND CO.

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How Freelancers Can Make Sure They Get Paid on Time

Claudia Page is VP of Partner & Product Development at Dailymotion, the leading destination for online video discovery. In this role, she serves as head of the Vivendi-owned company’s partner-facing products, product owners, marketing and engineers responsible for the relaunch of dailymotion’s partner experience and streaming, distribution and monetization tools.

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Women in Business Q&A: Dailymotion